Thursday, April 14, 2011

I did not need to see this!!!

Mariah Carey's Naked Photos Gives Us the Willies

Let's preface this by saying we think pregnant women are beautiful. We think pregnant Mariah Carey is beautiful. We even think naked, pregnant Mariah Carey is beautiful. But there is something about her recent cover shots that just gives us the willies and we're not alone. Fashion and photo editors, stylists and designers have been emailing us to say they too are a little creeped out by the pics.

But what is it that so unnerves us? The naked pregnancy shot has become commonplace, practically a right of passage. The big, expecting belly has nothing to do with that unsettled feeling the shots give us.

"I think it's the art direction. The black background is so morbid, and she's not smiling. Then the white text is so shocking and in-your-face. It looks gross -- if you're going to do a naked pregnancy pic, you've got to give it some lightness," speculates Fashionista editrix Lauren Sherman of the Life & Style and OK! covers.

Maybe it was the pose?

"I honestly don't get it. I think it could have come out artistically better if Nick Cannon had taken the picture on his iPhone," says Megan O'Brien, founder of "What is that pose she's doing? It not only unnatural but painful looking. I feel like she's going to start dancing a pregnant vogue."

O'Brien also worries the increasingly tacky pregnancy shot will catch on, especially in light of OK!'s nude family shoot, where hubby Nick Cannon is standing behind his bride, cupping her breasts.

"If my friends start sending similar photos out as their birth announcements, I'm not going to be able to take it. Somewhere Demi Moore is having a good laugh. 'Glitter' was definitely not Mariah's worst artistic choice."

The real problem isn't Mariah's fault. It's that Demi Moore set the bar so tremendously high with her 1991 Vanity Fair shoot that it is hard for subsequent celebs to emulate her level of class and glamour.

"Demi set the bar stratospherically high when she displayed her belly for Vanity Fair. The gestational mag shoot works if it's elegant and beautiful, but Mariah's grabbing a boob with one hand and giving a come-hither look. It's a little tacky and creepy, no?" says Polly Blitzer, editor in chief of

Maybe Mariah won't spark a trend. Perhaps she will put an end to one.

"There's gonna be a public outcry if she doesn't put an end to Bumps Gone Wild 2011!" Blitzer concludes.

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