Thursday, July 22, 2010

Broadbuzz July 22nd 2010

Christina Applegate Is Pregnant

Christina Applegate could soon be married with a child.

The actress and her fiancé Martyn Lenoble are expecting, her rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

Applegate, 38, and Lenoble, 41, dated for two years before becoming engaged on Valentine's Day. No date has been set for the wedding.

The Samantha Who? actress says her fiancé, a Dutch bass player, helped her recover after undergoing a double mastectomy.

"I'm very grateful to Martyn for coming along at a time that he did because he's been my rock through all of this," Applegate told PEOPLE last year. "He gave me something to really want to live for and something to smile about."

Rachel Uchitel Goes to 'Rehab' ... for a Price

Rachel Uchitel leaks Tiger Woods’ “get me some Ambien” e-mails

Yesterday we heard the news that Tiger Woods’ first known mistress, Rachel Uchitel, would be on Celebrity Rehab. It’s unclear exactly what Uchitel is addicted to, although some reports have her addicted to seducing and blackmailing rich married men like Tiger Woods and David Boreanaz. Perhaps as evidence of her addiction or maybe in an attempt to bring some attention to her new reality show gig, Uchitel has leaked some e-mails from Tiger in which he asks her to score Ambien for him and she questions whether they’re addicted to the prescription sleep medication. I thought Tiger paid her $10 million to keep his secrets. We all know he’s an Ambien-addicted serial cheater, though, so maybe she figured she was safe now that the check was cashed. It’s not like he’s going to sue her. She could always claim a “friend” hacked into her account and released these messages right in time for her Celebrity Rehab gig

Radar Online has the messages:

In email messages between Uchitel and Woods, obtained exclusively by, Tiger asks for Ambien and Rachel says she’s worried about being addicted.

“Would it be possible for you to get us some more Ambien,” Woods wrote to Uchitel in a November, 2009 email.

Uchitel responded, “Ok, but we need to talk about this. I don’t know how to deal with us possibly being addicted to prescription meds.

“What can I say to make you stop taking Ambien excessively? What can I do to prove that I’m worried?”

As previously reported, the New York party planner was known to have taken Ambien with Tiger while they had sex, and based on her upcoming Celebrity Rehab stint it appears she hasn’t stopped and now realizes she needs help.

“I feel like taking pills is my only alternative!” Woods answered to Uchitel’s concern.

There has been no indication that Tiger is addicted to Ambien, but it is known that he used it with Uchitel to add fuel to their sex life. Ambien is a sedative and hypnotic, but also is known to increase sexual pleasure immediately after it is taken.

Tiger might not have been “addicted” to Ambien, but it probably contributed to his car crash last year, which is thought to have caused the neck injury that helped derail his golf career.

Getting back to Rachel “smug face” Uchitel, she may be headed to Celebrity Rehab, but it cost her a potentially more prestigious turn on Celebrity Apprentice. Donald Trump made it abundantly clear that Uchitel’s decision to be on Rehab made her unsuitable for his show. TMZ quotes him as saying “It’s a terrible decision. We have zero interest in her now… She made a bad mistake. ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ is a huge show and ‘Celebrity Rehab’ is not. I have 10 people who want to be on the show for every slot that’s available. I’m moving on.” There are plenty more married men to extort if Rachel runs out of career opportunities.


Text messages Uchitel has between her and Tiger where Tiger says can you score

Tiger Woods' mistress numero uno Rachel Uchitel is heading to "Celebrity Rehab" -- but TMZ has learned the show resorted to drastic measures before she agreed to check in.

Sources connected to the production tell us Uchitel had originally turned down the show -- but after producers DOUBLED their offer and Dr. Drew personally paid Uchitel a visit, Rachel changed her mind.

We're told Uchitel will make around $500,000 for her stint on the show.

A rep from VH1 claims Uchitel is hoping to kick an addiction to pills.

We're told it's unclear if this will affect Uchitel's offer to join Donald Trump on "Celebrity Apprentice."

The network claims Uchitel will be joined on the show by supermodel Janice Dickinson, actor Jeremy London, musician Leif Garrett, oil heir Jason Davis, ex-reality star Jason Wahler and singer Keyshia Cole's mother.


The ENQUIRER reports in an exclusive bombshell exclusive that police have investigated charges from TWO MORE WOMEN who claimed they were abused by former VP AL GORE!

The allegations come hot on the heels of an ongoing Portland, Ore., police investigation that reopened after The ENQUIRER exclusively revealed accusations by a licensed massage therapist who says Gore groped her in 2006.

The ENQUIRER recently uncovered shocking allegations, from two other massage therapists.

The first incident allegedly took place at a Beverly Hills luxury hotel when Gore, 62, was in Hollywood to attend the Oscars in 2007.

The second reportedly occurred a year later at a hotel in Tokyo.

A Beverly Hills hotel source told The ENQUIRER:

"The therapist claimed that when they were alone, Gore shrugged off a towel and stood naked in front of her.

"He pointed at his erect penis and ordered her, 'Take care of THIS.'"

Thursday, July 1, 2010

It is over for Mel Gibson!!

Here is the aritcle I was telling you about:

In one of the most explosive, racist and vile outbursts by a celebrity ever caught on tape, Mel Gibson told the mother of his love child that the way she was dressed would get her "raped by a pack of n***ers," has learned exclusively.

It's a shocking and blockbuster development in the couple's bitter legal battle, and Mel's disgusting words are on audio tape. His racist, misogynist statement is one of the secrets lurking in his war with his former girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva. has heard the tape, which also includes Mel telling Oksana he will burn down her home.

Drunken Mel previously shocked the world with his anti-Semetic comments when busted for DUI. Now, the new racist outburst has taken the Oscar winner to an even deeper low.

His outburst came during a series of explosive arguments with Oksana, mother of his infant daughter Lucia. They have been battling in court, with documents under seal, for the past several weeks.

And there is more than one disgusting outburst from Mel. has listened to the hate-fuelled rants the Braveheart star unleashed during fights with Oksana as their relationship unraveled.

"You're an embarrassment to me," Mel tells her at one point.

"You look like a f***ing pig in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of n***ers, it will be your fault."

Mel's attorney told that he is no longer commenting on the case and said Mel's publicist is the only Mel official who will speak for him.

Mel's profane outbursts are littered with references to Oksana being a "whore" and "c**t".

In another tirade, Mel tells Oksana: "How dare you act like such a bitch when I have been so f**king nice."

He warns, "I am going to come and burn the f**king house down... but you will blow me first."

EXCLUSIVE: Mel Gibson Plans To Honor Child Support, Says His Attorney

The emergence of the explicit tapes is a stunning development in the couple's bitter separation and court battle over custody of their young daughter. first broke the story about how Mel, 54, and Oksana, 40, filed dueling restraining orders against each other under seal.

Published reports say Oksana is alleging Gibson punched her in the face twice during a fit of rage, giving her a concussion and knocking out two of her front teeth.

Gibson does not deny that they had a confrontation but has simply described it, through his lawyer, as a loud argument.

In a further outburst, Mel is heard telling her, "You're a bitch" to which Oksana insists, "I didn't do anything."

"Did so," Mel responds.

The tapes do not make it clear what the couple was arguing about.

But Mel tells Oksana, "Look what you did to me... look what you are... look what every part of you is... f**king fake... f**king fake.

"You are the most synthetic person... who the f*** are you?"

He also takes aim at Oksana's previous relationship with former James Bond star Timothy Dalton, with whom she has a 13-year-old son, Alexander.

EXCLUSIVE: Oksana Has Secret Evidence Against Mel Gibson

A source close to the situation says Oksana claims she was forced to tape Mel after he made a series of death threats.

EXCLUSIVE: Oksana Punched? 'Her Teeth Are In Her Mouth,' Says Mel Gibson's Lawyer

The source says she hopes the recordings will be admissible in any potential trial.

"Oksana's motivation for recording this was to show Mel how mean he was, and because she feared for her life," said the insider.

"She wanted to get evidence that he was dangerous and violent."

The source claims that Mel has heard two of the tapes.

Said the source, "Mel is doing everything he can to suppress this... they are the rantings of a mad man."

When cops arrested Mel in 2006 on suspicion of drunk driving, Mel barraged them with obscenities, tried to escape custody and spewed bizarre anti-Semitic remarks.

"F**king Jews... The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world," Mel said.

He also allegedly told a female officer, "What do you think you're looking at, sugar t*ts?"

The news sparked worldwide outrage and the Mad Max star later apologized.

Gibson has seven children with former wife Robyn, whom he split with in 2009 after 27 years of marriage.