Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Broadbuzz for Tuesday December 15th

Full list of the women Tiger has had an affair with so far:
We are up to 16 so here you go:
1 - Rachel Uchitel
2 - Jaimee Grubbs
3 - Kalika Moquin
4 - Cori Rist
5 - Jamie Jungers
6 - Mindy Lawton
7 - Holly Sampson
8 - Joslyn James
9 - Loredena Jolie
10 - Unidentified number 10 is a former cocktail waitress from Orlando now represented by a Lawyer
11 - Unidentified number 11 is reported to be a sexy British TV presenter who was single at the time but it now married
12 - Unidentified number 12 is reported in a UK paper to be a sex-addicted cougar
13 - Julie Postle - named by the NY Post through her ex-boyfriend
14 - Theresa Rogers

The Saga Continues




Courtney Love lost custody of her Daughter, by the way classy 16th b-day party for her

I don't believe it, I think they are going to have a kid

I remember how hard it was to name Aidan, hey Giselle grab a book and pick a name with the first letter of the first word on a page you choose at random. That's what we did, Chico's I know and we used the bible!

This is a cool Story I wanted to share with you

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